September 3, 2022

By the numbers: How Shepherd and its donors are making a difference

Shepherd Community Centers helps to improve neighbors’ lives in a variety of ways.  Here are a few measurements of how Shepherd, its partners, and donors are making a difference in the community:


The number of students who participated in Shepherd programs and are now enrolled in college. Thirty attend Taylor University; 11 are enrolled at Oakland City University; three at Indiana University; one at Purdue University; one at the University of Indianapolis.


The number of classroom visits to the IndyPL Shared System Library at Shepherd. More than 3,500 bookswere checked out from January to May 2022.


The number of minutes elementary-school students at Shepherd spent reading in a   summer program sponsored by the Indianapolis Public Library.


Shepherd staff and volunteers personally connect with more than 300 neighbors each month to build relationships and help meet needs.


As of September 2022, Shepherd had helped44 neighbors find employment.


Each month, Shepherd’s Celebrate Recovery Program serves an average of 30 neighbors working to rebuild their lives and live in sobriety.


Shepherd’s Celebrate Recovery Program celebrated a neighbor who achieved 13 years of sobriety in March 2022.


The number of K-5 students enrolled in Shepherd Academy in spring 2022.


The number of children enrolled in the Shepherd Academy Preschoolfor the 2021-22 school year. By the end of the school year, 14 children demonstrated letter mastery and 18 demonstrated number mastery.


Shepherd’s counselor meets with anaverage of 23 students and neighbors each month.


From January to September 2022, Shepherd distributed more than $1.1 million to 381 neighbors to help with rent, utilities, transportation, gas, insurance, property taxes, education, and other needs thanks to Indy Rent Assistance program, Barrier Buster, Citizens 7, and Shepherd donors.


Shepherd assisted 112 neighbors with their taxes thanks to VITA Taxes.


In July 2022,186 people, from six organizations and 12 churches, served at a total of 1,390 hours as volunteers at Shepherd.


Shepherd’s kitchenserved more than 44,000 meals in 2022 through September.


Thanks to Gleaners Food Bank, Shepherd distribute more than 450 food boxes to neighbors in June and July 2022.


Shepherd sent 3,441 weekend food packs homewith students in 2022 through September.


Shepherd made3,229 food deliveriesto neighbors, delivering more than 6,800 boxes of foodwith the help onaverage of 32 volunteerseach month.


The Shepherd food pantry served 928 neighbors, of which 76% were younger than 18.


Shepherd Neighborhood Childcare at Minnie Hartmannhas 51 children enrolled in the 2022-23 school year, with a 93% attendance rate, helping families with high quality childcare and education.

All numbers are from January through September 2022.

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